According to Buddhism, spiritual heritage of Bhutan, one should seek happiness and enlightenment not only for oneself but also aspire for the happiness and the cause of happiness and the enlightenment of all sentient beings without a single exception. From the historical Buddha, there has been an unbroken succession of great beings that have followed his example and continued to teach the path leading to enlightenment. Buddha’s teachings practiced with the right view and motivation, deals with the problems faced in this rapidly changing world. Following Buddha’s path or creating conditions for beings to come in touch with Buddha’s teachings and also creating opportunities to those wanting to follow Buddha’s path, is one of the greatest contribution that an individual or an organization can make towards a better world.

Acknowledging Bhutan as the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism and its inherent potential to be a role model as a peaceful, harmonious and a happy nation to a world afflicted with war, deprivation, sickness and environmental calamities;

Convinced that peace, harmony and well being are founded on strong Buddhist principles of wisdom and compassion;

Understanding the responsibility of religious institutions and personalities to promote Buddhism, the spiritual heritage of Bhutan as provided under Article 3, section 3,  of the Consituion of Kingdom of Bhutan;

Desiring to protect, preserve and promote the wisdom of the Buddha through study, practice and teachings; to protect and support the monastic tradition with a strong emphasis on Buddhist studies and practice, to promote awareness on Buddhism and Buddhist teachings and increase awareness and understanding of the many aspects of the Buddhist teaching beyond the limits of cultures and traditions. It is without a doubt that the past glory of Buddhism is due to its followers’ courage in seeking the true meaning beyond a material life;

Recognizing that the monastic tradition, religious institutions and Buddha Dharma promotion depends on the sustained support of the inspiration, devotion, and practice of patrons; such support also provides a great opportunity for patrons, small and big, to create a karmic link, to practice generosity, to practice detachment and to accumulate merit;

Recognizing the need to ensure sustained support and a management system to manage programs for the preservation and promotion of the wisdom of the Buddha;

The Founder and Patron, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Norbu Rimpoche established the Jamyang KhyenpaFoundation.